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    Bike Service

    Is your bike in-need of service? Whether it's a specific job or a complete overhaul you can book an appointment to drop off your bike using the link below. Have any questions for us? Please email us at [email protected] We do our best to reply ASAP!

    Current turnaround: 1 to 3 days

    (To view our services packages - scroll down)

    Service Packages

    Summer Basic Tune - $160

    • Bike Diagnostic & Safety Check
    • Gear and shifting adjustment
    • Brakes adjustment
    • Bolts checked and torqued
    • Adjust Headset
    • Basic Wheel True F+R
    • Fork, Shock and dropper stanchion clean and lube and with Forkboost.

    Summer Essential Tune-up $240

    • IMBY Bike Diagnostic and Safety Check
    • Brake bleed F+R
    • Wheel True F+R and check spoke tension
    • Check and torque all the bolts.
    • Fork, Shock and dropper stanchion clean and lube and with Forkboost.
    • Brake piston clean, re-setting and adjustment.
    • Derailleur and shifting adjustment
    • Hub and bottom bracket bearing inspection
    • Basic bike wash


    • 10% off service parts.

    $310 Value

    Price $240 (service parts not included)


    • Brake bleed F+R
    • Lateral True F+R wheel and check spoke tension
    • Fork lower leg service
    • Shock air can service
    • Complete component strip down and wash in our parts washers
    • Bike Spa (cleaning, detailing, lubing)
    • Re-grease re-torque all the bolts
    • Derailleur and drivetrain adjustment
    • Crankset removal and Bottom bracket inspection
    • New shift cables and housing install (Internal routing extra)


    • 15% off any additional service
    • 10% off service parts.

    $575 Value

    Price $460 (service parts not included)

    Bike Diagnostic - Safety Check / $55

    Our senior mechanic will inspect your bike and formulate a comprehensive diagnostic report that highlights any service/parts that we recommend.

    Charge is waived when upgrading to a service package.

    Service Menu / A La Carte Services

    • Brake bleed - $35 to $55
    • Tubeless tire install - $45
    • Wheel true (lateral) - $35 to $55
    • Wheel build - $120
    • Tire install - $25
    • Tube install - $25
    • Cushcore install - $25
    • Gear adjust - $25
    • Brake adjust - $25
    • Suspension Fork Lowers Service - $80
    • Suspension Shock Air Can Service (50 hour) - $60
    • Full suspension pivot bearing replacement - Starting $225
    • Drivetrain deep clean - in our parts washer -$50-70
    • Reverb full rebuild - $175
    • Internal cable routing - $55

    Shop rate - $95 / hour

    Parts Availability

    We remain committed and will do our best to stock a wide selection of parts and components so we can keep servicing as many bikes as possible!
    If we are missing any parts that are required for a certain service, we will do our best to source them as fast as possible and we will book your service to a later date.


    We only service e-bikes with a mid-drive motor. We are unable to perform any work on hub motorized e-bikes.

    Department Store Bikes

    We don't offer any service to department store bikes expect for tire/tube repairs.